Letters to the Editor – August 2020

An excellent July issue

Once again a ­wonderful issue. A new Rotary year has begun with new leaders having new vision and ambitions. RI President Holger Knaack says Rotary will open opportunities and reach greater heights. The cover story Young at heart was interesting and so are the articles AKS added 100 new members this year, and Sri ­Lankan Rotarians work with government to combat Covid-19. The article Rotary-UNEP implement Africa’s largest river ­restoration project shed light on the need to ­preserve ­freshwater systems in the world by highlighting a major project in Africa. Transforming a slum was interesting to read too.

Dr Arun Oommen, RC Cochin West — D 3201

RI President Holger Knaack’s profile titled Young at heart was the perfect start to the new Rotary year. It provided good insight into the president’s life and family and told us about his ­fun-loving, open-minded persona. PRIP Rajendra Saboo has penned an inspiring article on Sir Clem with a poignant description of his contribution to our world, the 3-H ­concept and Rotary’s fight to eradicate polio from the world. Renouf was a true and complete Rotarian and a role model.

Your team is doing a wonderful job in coming out with the magazine in these trying times.

Dr Jayasekharan V P, RC Payyanur — D 3202

Nice article

Thanks a lot for the article RC ­Alleppey turns 70 as it vividly ­narrated the club’s humanitarian projects, and the club bulletin which has brought out 3,700 issues over 70 years. The write-up has highlighted major ­milestones. But I’ve been in this club for 44 and not 25 years as mentioned.

Tomi Eapen, RC Alleppey — D 3211

A transformed magazine

These are indeed, very difficult and ­harrowing times. I fully appreciate the hard work put in by you, your ­editorial team and your office, to hand over Rotary News to subscribers every month. Words are not enough to praise you for the ­wonderful publication that you have turned our old Rotary News into!

The entire look of the magazine has changed and now I really look forward to reading each and every article. I pray for you and your entire office team’s wellbeing and safety. During these difficult times Rotarians from the ordinary club member to our respected leaders world over have proved in action our motto Service above Self. During this adversity, we have proved that “Rotary opens opportunities”! Looking forward to the next issue of Rotary News in August 2020.

PDG Shyamashree Sen, RC Calcutta Metro City — D 3291

Rotarians’ work deserve appreciation

The achievements of Rotarians ­during the pandemic, as ­elaborated by the editor, deserve appreciation. RI ­Director Bharat Pandya has rightly said that the most ­precious possession in life is good health. He appreciated the services of the frontline warriors who had staked their lives during the pandemic and urged all of us to support them.

RI Director Kamal Sanghvi has beautifully explained Franklin D Roosevelt’s thought: We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.

Raj Kumar Kapoor, RC Roopnagar — D 3080

Rotarians can serve even under the most adverse circumstances, as you have highlighted aptly in the editorial Heroes emerge, at gloomy times too… Especially during this pandemic, the service of Rotary is considerably great and spectacular. The disaster management grants were sanctioned for the clubs in record time. Clubs also donated to the cause of providing relief during the pandemic. Excess of human freedom impeded a healthy environment. We should care for the flora and fauna. During this global pandemic, the service of the ­Rotarians will continue as they believe in Service above Self. However, your note of optimism touched my heart.

Arun Kumar Dash, RC Baripada — D 3262

RI President Mark Maloney speaks about the Aloha spirit which means mutual regard and affection (June issue). The editorial pays a nice tribute to the late PRIP Frank Devlyn.

The ­commendable work of RC Mysuru ­Heritage in providing food to the the stranded and hungry people is nicely translated into words. The article Making agriculture a profitable venture has taken us back to 1960s and 1970s when former Agriculture Minister C Subramainam, we use to call him CS, took bold steps to usher in the Green Revolution. On the Racks by Kiran Zehra has given a gist of three novels that are worth reading.

RS Muniandi, RC Dindigul — D 3000

I was delighted to read the article, Rotary and Art of Living to work together for world peace (June issue). Shri Shri Ravi Shankar said during the current Covid period, the mental health of the people is affected due to depression, aggression and fear. He has asked us to encourage a healthy mind and free spirit and urged everyone to see life in a wider ­perspective and spread love, by ­serving the people and to spread joy in the world.

KMK Murthy, RC Secunderabad — D 3150

I find our magzine wonderful, excellent and zabardast (fantastic). Congratulations and good wishes to Team Rotary News. Sandesh Randad

RC Akola, Midtown — D 3030

In the June and July issues, I was ­overwhelmed to read the following articles: Be a calm mountain by Bharat and Shalan Savur; Kamalammal’s incredible generosity by Rasheeda Bhagat (both in June issue) and Sheela Nambiar’s ­Withstanding adversity in July issue. These articles carry awesome messages which motivate our lives. Thanks for such great content.

P Murugan, former ISRO scientist

Incredible generosity


The cover photo and the story on the incredible generosity of Kamalamma are wonderful and inspirational. The variety of articles such as The post-Covid world, coverage of Rotary activities and the obit on PRIP Frank ­Devlyn are commendable. Zoom meetings with Union Ministers Nitin Gadkari and Dharmendra Pradhan, which I attended show the advances made by Rotary in India which wants to partner with GoI for ­community services. Glad to see many good and inspiring articles with photos and illustrations in the June issue. My compliments to the Editor and her team for an excellent Rotary magazine

C R Nambiar, RC Payyanur — D 3202

The cover photo of Kamalamma in the June issue is superb. Her face exhibits the satisfaction one gets in giving even a small amount to feed the hungry. I attended the RI virtual convention and listened to RI President Mark Maloney’s impressive speech. Both the RI directors have inspired us to march ahead in the post-Covid world.

The post-Covid world article by Rasheeda Bhagat is excellent, giving a concise idea about the hardships and challenges awaiting us. I am delighted to read that the Rotary Disaster Response Fund was rightly utilised to fight the Covid pandemic everywhere. Heartfelt condolences to past RI President Frank Devlyn’s bereaved family.

An Ironman Club President is an interesting article and we need young energetic people like Niket Doshi in the forefront to lead Rotary in the dark days ahead. The entire June issue is packed with information and interesting photos and articles. Best wishes to the editorial team for their commendable work.

Philip Mulappone M T, RC Trivandrum Suburban — D 3211

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