Letters to the Editor – December 2016 issue

Priceless donation

The article A Priceless Donation by Jaishree in the October issue has created a new awareness and changed my mind. A real salute to Captain Rtn Mohan Bir Singh. Today, bone marrow transplantation is among the greatest success stories in cancer treatment, boosting  survival rates. Bone marrow transplantation should be promoted by NGOs and government through ­special awareness sessions.

A special thanks and congratulations to the Editorial team for bringing out such articles related to health care.

A R Johnson Durai
RC Cuddalore – D 2981

I was overwhelmed to read this article. Hats off to Rtn Mohan Bir Singh for following Rotary’s motto Service above Self in its true spirit by donating bone marrow to a child he didn’t know. This is real service to mankind as said in the Gita. He is a role model who is spreading a meaningful message of kindness. God bless him and his family. There is no match of the generosity of Rotarians in the world. Meet your Governors and ­Literacy Focus, with its focus on the girl child are very interesting too.

Raj Kumar Kapoor
RC Roopnagar – D 3080

The article Bonding Beyond ­Borders (October issue) is remarkable and very true. It reminds me of my experience 42 years ago when we, a handful of youngsters, had enjoyed such an experience. Irrespective of any platform, such youth exchanges cement bonds, build friendship and promote understanding between different religions and cultures.

Piyush Doshi
RC Belur – D 3291

It was a pleasure to read the October issue. I suggest avoiding the use of abbreviations such as AKS or TRF repeatedly in articles. Or at least, at few places expand these shortened forms which will be of help to new members and non-Rotarians.

Arvind Ghatkar, Secretary
RC Panaji – D 3170

Piramal’s noble work

This is with reference to the ­article India is doing well in philanthropy in the November issue. I am happy to note that Ajay Piramal of the Piramal Group has supported The Rotary Foundation by becoming an Arch Klumph Society member with a donation of $250,000, even though he has got his own Foundation and is only an honorary Rotarian. Asked why he supported TRF, his reply was “Rotary is doing good in the world.”

As a strong believer in the ­Bhagwad Gita, he claims the resources he has must be shared with those who did not have the same. His ­Foundation works in education, health and safe drinking water. Hats off to him for having adopted the ­ideology of Rotary. Good pictures too.

N Jagatheesan
RC Eluru – D 3020

Economics and Cauvery

One should realise that at any cost energy or electricity has to be generated or produced but water on the other hand cannot be produced; it is a natural resource and belongs to everyone. No one has the right to sell water. The writer seems more biased than wanting to solve the problem. Cauvery is one fourth in Karnataka and three fourths in Tamil Nadu and people in both the States have the right to use it. Why bring money into this issue? Why not open the dam gates on both sides and let the river flow naturally without stopping as it was done 100 years ago, and let the people on either side use what they want. It is not economics but sheer politics.

Sidduram L S
RC Mettupalayam – D 3202

With reference to TCA ­Srinivasa Raghavan’s article on the solution to the River Cauvery dispute (November issue), as Rotarians, we are well aware that this river water dispute and the related violence are all part of dirty politics. We are all children of one family (Rotary) and it would be in fitness of things for us to take steps to solve the water row which is acceptable to all the four riparian States.

K Devarajan
RC Coimbatore East – D 3201

Are Rotary clubs losing charm?

I am an old timer, a past ­governor and a very ­committed Rotarian. With changed environment and a ­generational shift compounded by a crazy legislation, I feel sad and ­disillusioned.

My Rotary club is no more a dear ­destination for warm ­fellowship, fine ­conversations and ­memorable interactions with those who matter, with pride in ­vocational ­excellence and a feeling that we are ­connected ­internationally. Technology has become a ­spoilsport. Rotary clubs are no more places for warm ­fellowships and social ­interaction.
The well ­documented GMLs, ­informative ­Directories are conspicuous by their absence. Information is today shared mostly from ­computers/mobiles if one is blessed with these gadgets. May be my thoughts are ­fossilised but my Rotary spirit is still intact.

The Trust properties and endowments need to be well-managed. The services which earned kudos from the community need to be ­sustained.

The Rotary clubs canot sacrifice ­calibre and quality of membership at the expense of quick fix enrolment. Pardon my obsession to revive the ­glorious past.

JV Reddy
Past Governor – D 3160

The best journal in my library


Giving one more life (November issue) is an excellent article beautifully narrated by Rasheeda Bhagat. The first paragraph itself creates interest to read the entire article at a single shot. The photos are attractive. Dr Hans’ return is a certificate for Rotary. The article reminded me of my project as club president —  a free ENT check-up for special children in Salem.The editorial Touching little lives has a strong message: “Money, however big the sum, comes if there is a focus, commitment, passion and ­if the cause is the right one.”

The message from the RI ­Director Manoj Desai is ­impressive and interesting. Making India Literate sheds light on TEACH programmes and makes every ­Rotarian proud. Every Rotarian must ­participate in this ­initiative. ­Combining cooking and ­literacy shows how Rotary serves ­people.

Meet your Governors in each issue is interesting and helps ­Rotarians to know the dedication and hard work of the DGs.  Develop good body image by Sheela Nambiar is a useful ­article, and Club Matters is informative. To sum up, Rotary News is the best journal in my library.

V Jayaprakash
RC Salem East – D 2982


A humble, polite IAS officer


The down to earth and an extremely ­interesting ­episode about saintly Mother Teresa’s unpredictable ­surprising visit to the IAS officer Debi Prasad Patra’s ­residence in Kolkata — A ­special encounter in the ­October issue — should be read by all Rotarians for emulating the humble, polite behaviour of the IAS officer. He saw the Mother entering his bungalow and with ­reverence touched her feet. The Mother’s selfless service is to be emulated by every human being.

The three concepts of the RI President — willing hands, caring hearts and bright minds — were visible in the ­Mother’s personality. She strived to make the dejected and depressed women smile.

G V Sayagavi
RC Davanagere Vidyanagara – D 3160

The unique charm of Rotary News

Recently I attended the Rotary Leadership Institute, where a faculty member urged the participants to “read Rotary News regularly to know everything about Rotary”. I never miss any issue, but of late the magazine has become so attractive that it becomes a challenge for the readers where to begin. Every page, every article, has its own charm, be it the cover page, the editorial or messages from world leaders. The November issue reflects how Rotary changes lives and brings back smiles. And it is nice to see one more AKS member — Ajay Piramal — who despite his own Foundation, considers The Rotary Foundation as a trustworthy partner. We thank him. The mouth-watering article (Delhi’s food Odyssey) really takes me to the gallis of Delhi. I eagerly await the next issue.

Sukhminder Singh
RC Amenity Barddhaman – D 3240

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