When jawans got Rotary mithai

On October 25, D 3080 ­Governor Raman Aneja got a call from Usha Saboo, spouse of PRIP ­Rajendra K Saboo, asking: “Can we celebrate this Diwali with our Army Jawans. They do so much for us; let’s express our solidarity and gratitude to them by sharing mithai with them from our District 3080.”

Under the leadership of DG Aneja, PDG Kawal Bedi, and RC Chandigarh President Neenu Vij, Rotarians in the District swung into action and 4,000 mithai boxes, each weighing 1 kg, were procured in a very short time. According to a Major from the Indian Army, all the 4,000 mithai boxes were flown by the Indian Air Force to the Ladakh region. “I can tell you that some of these boxes went all the way to Siachen!”

Club President Neenu Vij handing over the mithai boxes to a Jawan as part of the Diwali celebration organised by RC Chandigarh.

While 1,500 boxes were ­distributed among the ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police), the remaining boxes went to the Indian Army.

On the response from our Army men to this gesture, he said, “Frankly speaking, they were totally taken aback and very pleasantly surprised when told that this mithai was sent to them by Rotarians all the way from Punjab. It is not that the Indian Army does not buy mithai for our men and women during festive occasions. But it is very rare that someone thinks of the men on our border and sends them Diwali sweets. I can assure you that the men who got the Rotary mithai had a glint in their eyes and a smiles on their faces.”

They were pleasantly surprised when told that this mithai was sent to them by Rotarians.

Heartened by this gesture from D 3080 Rotarians, “our Core Commander has now approached Rotary for further help”.

The request is to sponsor some sewing machines for the local women in Leh under the Army’s Sadbhavna programme… “We always try to help the local communities in the areas we are posted”, the Major added.

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