Indian travellers get more adventurous

Bollywood star Ranveer Singh in Switzerland
Bollywood star Ranveer Singh in Switzerland

Switzerland Tourism has roped in Bollywood star Ranveer Singh as its brand ambassador for its 2017 summer campaign with the tagline ‘Nature wants you back’. The campaign, launched in Mumbai, gave details of how to enjoy an adventurous adrenaline-filled vacation or a leisurely, relaxed trip in this iconic European country, a favourite destination of Indians and Indian films.

The campaign hopes to sustain/increase the 16 per cent growth in 2015-2016. Winter tourism offers options such as skiing, sledging and snowboarding for the active traveller and Christmas markets, open air hot springs and igloo stays for a relaxed winter stay. The summer campaign includes activities such as sky-diving, wakeboarding, canyoning.

Claudio Zemp, Director – India, Switzerland Tourism, said Indian travellers were getting more adventurous. “They do not only want to take a cable car up a mountain and take pictures but also want that thrill and rush which one gets while doing adventure sports. With a versatile and energetic personality like Ranveer Singh on board, we’d like to show that Switzerland is not only about scenic beauty but also has many activities and adventures to offer to the more experiential Indian traveller.” In winter sports such as skiing, snow-shoe trekking, tobogganing are available.

Deputy Director, Switzerland Tourism India, Ritu Sharma said ­holidays in Switzerland “can be anything you want — adventures and activities or a more relaxing holiday enjoying the country’s picturesque natural beauty.” There are also package for families and honeymooners “who are not only looking at a relaxing vacation but also crave some adventure.”

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