Happy Diwali for special kids

From left: IPDG ISAK Nazar, DG Natarajan Nagoji, Srikanth, Narendra ­Srisrimal and Rtn Mahaveer Bothra with the children.
From left: IPDG ISAK Nazar, DG Natarajan Nagoji, Srikanth, Narendra ­Srisrimal and Rtn Mahaveer Bothra with the children.

This Deepavali, Rotarians of District 3230 and their families spent a day with 1,544 differently-abled children from 32 schools and destitute homes. The VGP ­Universal Kingdom, a popular amusement park in Chennai, offered them joy rides and games; the special children were looked after by a team of 200 Rotaractors. The ­volunteers worked hard for two days to make Aanandha Deepavali (Joyous ­Deepavali) a memorable occasion for these less privileged kids.

The children were pampered with a sumptuous breakfast, juice, snacks, lunch and a packed dinner. “The idea of Aanandha Deepavali with special kids took shape during our brain-storming sessions. The ­children and their coordinators from as far as Vellore, Thiruvannamalai and ­Thiruvallur districts participated, said DG Natarajan Nagoji.

“Many thanks to RC Madras East Light-up President and the VGP group chief VGP Ravidas for the free entry to kids, Rotarians, volunteers and others. Nearly 2,500 people are here enjoying Deepavali at this beautiful place,” said PDG ISAK Nazar. And for the event chairman Mahaveer Bothra, it was “a double delight as my daughter is also celebrating her birthday today.”

Nagoji thanked Bothra, his wife Jayashree and the RC Madras T Nagar team for the event. Actor Srikanth joined the children and the Rotarians. Guest of honour ­Narendra ­Srisrimal, Chairman, Medi Sales India, said he was elated to celebrate ­Deepavali with the children.

“We are having great fun,” said Sharmila Mary (14) from Christ King Children’s Home in East Tambaram.

Readily agreeing with her, ­Abhinaya (17) and Vilashini (13) ­chorused, “roamba pudichirukku (we like it very much).”

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