A win-win MoU

Rotary Round Table Fusion: DG Nazar and Tr. Shriram Duvurri signing the MoU in the presence of TRF Trustee Sushil Gupta, Assistant Governor Dr. A. Sangaram and Round Table National President Tr. Deepak Menda.
Rotary Round Table Fusion: DG Nazar and Tr. Shriram Duvurri signing the MoU in the presence of TRF Trustee Sushil Gupta, Assistant Governor Dr. A. Sangaram and Round Table National President Tr. Deepak Menda.

During the Dussera celebrations week, Rotary International ­District 3230 launched a unique ­celebration at Chennai, with District 3230 coming together with 15 clubs of Area 2 Round Table India to form a ‘fusion for service.’

The two entities signed a ­memorandum of understanding to jointly execute community welfare programmes. To begin with, the two organisations will jointly undertake a project to provide clean drinking water to 15 schools in Chennai. This will ­benefit about 50,000 children.

This ‘joint fellowship’ will not only benefit the community which District 3230 and Area 2 serve, it also opens the doors to a win-win situation wherein, the Round Tablers get a better idea of Rotary and the work it does. As RI Director P.T. Prabhakar told at the meeting, when Round Tablers ­complete 40, they are considered too old to continue, whereas in Rotary, 60 is considered ‘young.’

Rotary dignitaries with Round Tablers.
Rotary dignitaries with Round Tablers.

District 3230 Governor I.S.A.K Nazar said that this fusion was ­historic and “through this we are trying to ­create an awareness for Round Tablers that once they complete 40, Rotary could be a natural choice for them to continue their service to society.”

TRF Trustee Sushil Gupta said this joint partnership was a “great initiative” undertaken by District 3230, which would have far reaching results for both Rotary and Round Table. It was a worthwhile initiative to be extended to the national and international levels in the days to come which would take our service activities to a new level.

RI Director Prabhakar said that Rotary had great expectations of ­benefitting from the “young and ­energetic Round Tablers. The ­coming together of these two dynamic ­organisations will take community welfare to much higher levels.”

Tr. Shriram Duvurri, Area 2 Round Table India Chair said that he was very happy with this fusion between Rotary and Round Table that unites for ­fellowship and service to community. ­Appreciating the novel venture, Tr. Deepak Menda, National ­President, Round Table India said that it was a proud moment as both the ­organisations focus on a common goal — to enhance the lives of the downtrodden, and that together they would direct their ­combined energies to realise the objectives of the historic MoU.

Through this MoU, both the ­organisations agreed to facilitate ­partnership between each other to undertake joint programmes to ­promote community development. The ­agreement also encourages Round Tablers to join Rotary after retirement from Round Table to continue their service to the community.n

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