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Zoya Rana, a 21-year old student pursuing a degree in Fine Arts in Mumbai had come to Nagpur, her hometown, for a short holiday. Little did she or her family know that this would be her last and final visit. On March 21, around 8.30 a.m., she was hit by a vehicle in the posh Civil Lines area. A good samaritan took her to Meditrina Hospital, where the doctors found severe intracranial injuries and put her on ventilator support. Her family was informed about the severity of the injuries and 24 hours later, they were informed that Zoya was brain dead.

Zoya’s parents are members of Rotary Club of ­Nagpur, D 3030. Dr Ravi Wankhede, Nagpur Centre Head of MOHAN Foundation, is also a member of the same club and has been carrying out organ donation campaigns. The parents had heard of ‘brain death’ from Ravi. They called him to the hospital and he counselled and requested them to think of donating Zoya’s organs and tissues.

People need to be sensitised on organ donation and Rotary can be one of the best platforms to do so.

Zoya’s father Shamshuddin and mother Rozina talked to the elders in the family and agreed. They were told that her two kidneys and eyes could be donated and transplanted. Ravi then sought their consent to donate the liver, which would take some time as a Mumbai team would have to come to Nagpur for it. The family, however, did not agree. As Meditrina Hospital is not registered for transplant activities, Zoya was shifted to the Orange City Hospital and Research Institute, Nagpur.

The Ranas belong to the Khoja Muslim community. The community is highly educated and well known socially. The fact that the donation came from a Muslim family is noteworthy and will send a positive message that organs can be donated and shared by people belonging to all the faiths.

Ravi adds that every year there are at least 5 million people awaiting organ donation. People need to be sensitised on organ donation and Rotary can be one of the best platforms to do so.

Dr Ravi Wankhede, himself a kidney donor to a Muslim girl, chairs the Organ Donation Awareness Committee of District 3030. He can be contacted at 9423683350 or raviwankhede@gmail.com.

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