Women Rotarians celebrate Rakhshabandhan with BSF jawans

Rotarians from RC Dombivli Midtown, RI District 3141, celebrated Rakshabandhan with the jawans at the BSF outpost at Dholavira in Kutch, Gujarat. Women Rotarians tied rakhi to over 125 jawans. “It was an emotional moment when one of the soldiers pulled out a rakhi he received from his sister through post and requested me to tie it,” said Project Chairman Rutuja Patil. The women were surprised to know that most of the soldiers do not go home to celebrate festivals so that they can fulfill their duty of safeguarding the nation.


“It was a great privilege for us to meet the soldiers and celebrate a festival with them. The smile on their faces made the 850-mile journey from Mumbai to Kutch totally worthwhile,” said Club President Anil Kulkarni and thanked the women in the club for making the rakhis and sweets at home for the jawans and getting school students to write letters of gratitude for the soldiers. These letters were handed over to the BSF jawans who were deeply touched by the warm gesture of the Rotarians. Kishor Adhalkar, a club member, had sought permission from the BSF outpost for celebrating the festival. The Rotarians shared a meal with the jawans and enjoyed a cultural programme hosted by the girls of a nearby village.

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