When Los Banos gets crabby, everyone’s happy A Rotary club in California gets ready to host its annual Crab Feed, a fundraiser for its community projects and a mega food carnival that the local people eagerly look forward to.

Rotarians getting busy with the annual Crab Feed, which provides the funds for many of the club’s annual projects. Photo: Gene Lieb/losbanosenterprise.com
Rotarians getting busy with the annual Crab Feed, which provides the funds for many of the club’s annual projects. Photo: Gene Lieb/losbanosenterprise.com

Don’t take this the wrong way, but “our chef is crabby because people just can’t keep their hands off his tempting legs.”

This is not a case of unwanted harassment, but the lead in the Los Banos Rotary Club’s (California, US – RID 5220) flyer for its March 22 Crab Feed.

Though I might have suggested a less controversial lead, I concur with the idea that people who have attended previous Rotary crab feeds have indeed had a strong desire to get their hands on legs – of crab, not the chef.

This year’s crab feed will be held on Friday, March 22, at the Los Banos Fairgrounds, with doors opening at 6.30 and dinner at 7.

The $55 ticket includes an abundance of crab along with pasta, salad, bread and hosted beverages.

Tickets are available from any Los Banos Rotarian or by calling Gene Lieb, 209 704-3831.

Seating is limited and the event has sold out in the past, so you’re encouraged to get your tickets soon.

This year’s crab feed is being coordinated by Rotarians Roy Todd and Brian Rocha.

Every Rotarian has an assignment, and committee chairs are tasked with making sure all goes smoothly.

As in the past, there will be plenty of fresh crab.

Once again, chef Tony Whitehurst (no comments about his legs) will create pasta with sauce made from his secret recipe.

Expect crisp salad, bread fresh and wine on the table.

Service will be a high priority for the Rotarians and Interact Club members, ensuring diners will enjoy themselves as well as food.

The evening will include a raffle and an auction, with dozens of prizes – including a wide variety of items donated by local merchants.

The crab feed is the main fundraiser for the Los Banos Rotary Club, which benefits the many good causes Rotary sponsors in the community – including scholarships for local high school graduates, the children’s and literacy programmes at the public library, Boy Scout Troop 85 and food for children who don’t have enough to eat.

“I think everyone who comes to the crab feed will have a good time – enjoying tasty food, timely service and terrific camaraderie,” said Rotary Club President Gene Lieb.

Rotarian Brian Rocha has been working on coordinating the high school students who will serve at the event, all members of the Rotary-sponsored Interact clubs at Los Banos and Pacheco high schools, combining the youthful spirit of the teens with the organisational skills of the Rotarians.

“The young people in our local high schools who are a part of Interact are amazing,” Brian said.

“They are willing to work hard and help others, not only at Rotary events but in activities at their schools. They are learning the values of initiative and service, and they provide hope for future of our community and our country.”

This is a huge event, involving many if not most of the club members – Dick, Mike and Paul on the cooking crew; Marg, Colleen, Brenda and Brett on the bar crew.

Other members are involved in advertising (Gene), budgeting (Roy), raffle and auction (Tom, Toni and Eric), ticket-taking (Lori); serving (Mike, Charlene, Dave and Robin) and microphone and speaker set-up (John).

The event requires time, energy, coordination and hard work, but the local Rotarians are up to the task.

As co-chair Roy Todd said, “We’re just following the Rotary motto of ‘Service Above Self.’”

Source: losbanosenterprise.com

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