When Interactors inspired Rotarians

When IPDG Chinnadurai Abdullah appealed to the students of the Ramanathan Chettiar Municipal High School (RMHS) to contribute  ₹1 to the Polio Fund, little did he realise that it will garner ₹96,000 on the occasion. Abdullah, as ARRFC, presided over the installation programme of the school’s new Interact Club. He announced that if the school, with a strength of 1,300 students can contribute ₹1,500, he will match it with a similar amount, and make the contribution to the Polio Fund in the name of the Interact Club. But to the surprise of the Rotarians, the Interactors brought in ₹35,000. “Being a new club, we were enthusiastic with our first assignment. ­Chinnadurai Sir talked to us about polio and how Rotary had played a major role in making India polio-free. Inspired by his address, we formed two teams and visited all the classes. We talked to the students about polio and appealed for funds to help eradicate the disease ­globally. Our friends  contributed as much as they can and only when we counted what we ­collected we were surprised and happy with the huge amount and that too on our maiden venture,” says ­Dharaneedharan, a Class 9 student and ­President, Interact Club of RMHS which was sponsored by RC ­Karaikudi Pearl ­Sangamam, RID 3212.

Interact President Dharaneedharan hands over the cheque for Polio Fund to PDG Chinnadurai Abdullah. PDG K Rajagopalan is also seen.
Interact President Dharaneedharan hands over the cheque for Polio Fund to PDG Chinnadurai Abdullah. PDG K Rajagopalan is also seen.

The school headmaster Peter Raja, who is also the President of the parent Rotary club, along with another member P A G Muthukumar, inspired the Interactors with their contributions.

The story does not end here. When the Interactors handed over their collection to ARRFC Abdullah, the Rotarians rose up to the occasion and contributed their share, ­bringing the total to ₹48,000. Abdullah matched it, and ₹96,000 was contributed to TRF’s Polio Fund from this joint endeavour.

The enthused Interactors are now planning a greening drive on a big level and plant native saplings on the school campus and in their neighbourhood.

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