Wheeling Rotary hosts Taste of Centre Market fundraiser This is the fourth year the club has organised the fundraiser which brings together and celebrates the area's restaurants, nonprofits and others.

There was live music, a silent auction and a wide variety of food for sampling at Centre Market event.
There was live music, a silent auction and a wide variety of food for sampling at Centre Market event.

The Wheeling Rotary Club (West Virginia, US — District 7530) held its annual Taste of Centre Market event on Thursday.

There was live music, a silent auction and a wide variety of food for sampling. In fact, each year the Taste of Centre Market showcases the best food the market has to offer.

“It’s the hub of Wheeling right now, it really is,” said Kathie Brown from Wheeling Healthright.

“We have Coleman’s Fish, the Soup Shack, and then Osaka this year, Valley Cheese, Centre Market Bakery, Oliver’s Pies, Wood-n-Stitch’s ice cream,” said Tim McKeen, event chairman. “Casa de vino helps us out, as well as Market Vines.”

This is the fourth year the Wheeling Rotary Club has organised this fundraiser, which is intended to bring together and celebrate the area’s restaurants, nonprofits and others.

“It’s been a great event,” McKeen said. “The Rotary Club does a lot of good things in the community and it’s just nice to help showcase the Centre Market and help some of the local charities.”

This year the Rotary Club chose two charities to split the profits from the event: King’s Daughters Childcare and Wheeling Healthright.

“There’s plenty of nonprofits in the valley, and personally it means a lot to me that they chose us to be one of the two beneficiaries,” said Jamie Remp, King’s Daughters.

“The fact that we’re a free and charitable clinic and we need to raise a good bit of money in the community, the opportunity for someone to step up to the plate and say ‘we’ll do this for you’ is wonderful,” Brown said.

For some, the night was a great way to see new things and get up to speed with all of the fun available in south Wheeling.

“Centre Market brings out a lot of great things, so for people to come in here for such an event, they’re able to walk around Centre Market and see things they didn’t know were downtown,” said Sonya Fedorko, of Wheeling.

Rotary Club members say they plan to have the event again next year. 

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