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A WhatsApp group is mostly ­created for disseminating information. But very often, appeals made by some stalwarts to stick to information are ignored. If certain norms and etiquette are observed, such groups will be really valuable.

Post only brief information about the prime activity of the group, with only one or two photos. Many times we receive essays, long poems, political appeals, comments and ­criticism on public issues.

Thanks, Congratulations, Thumb Up, Namaskar, ­Flowers, Faces, Registration, Enquiry, etc is personal and should be sent on personal numbers and not in groups. In one group, there was information that jackets will be ­distributed at the venue and participants should communicate their size. Within next two days the group was flooded with messages on sizes ­ranging from 34 to 44!

Posts on groups should be limited to 6 am to 10 pm only. Many people keep their handsets near the bed, to check the time or for alarms. If the phone pings then, sleep is disturbed.

While creating a group, one has a choice of creating an open group or a broadcast group. In an open group messages of all go to all and following ethics becomes necessary. In a broadcast group the message is sent by administrator to all but the replies come only to the administrator who has the option of forwarding it to the group.

Awkward situation arise, ­especially in Rotary groups, where someone communicates his project’s success and within no time someone else communicates a sad demise. Then follows alternate messages of ­congratulations and condolences.

Business groups, sports groups, art groups, are ­normally controlled groups. But in Rotary groups many members of different classification come together for a social cause. The interests of the members differ. So it must be remembered that one cannot force choice on others. What is common is only to be followed, else there will be disappointment and unhappiness.

(The author is past president of RC Pune Katraj, D 3131.)

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