What your family should know

600---What-your-family-should-knowAlthough many of us are ­efficient in our daily lives and keep ­meticulous records in our ­professions, most of us leave inadequate and incomplete records of our economic and personal affairs when we die. Experts recommend creating a ­comprehensive folder of documents that family ­members can access in case of an emergency. Here is a ­checklist  of important documents you’ll need to have signed, sealed and delivered.

•    Your will. Everyone must make a will even if all assets are in joint names.
•    Bank accounts and bank ­lockers should be in joint names with instruction for operation by any one. Avail the nomination facility.
•    Fixed/cumulative deposits with banks/post office with details of maturity date, interest receipt etc.
•    PPF book, vehicle papers and insurance.
•    Court decisions and pending ­litigation papers, if any.
•    Income tax/wealth tax files with complete record of vital ­information on taxation.
•    Policy files — LIC, GIC, Health/Medical/Fire Accident insurance.
•    Pension papers, if superannuated.
•    Property files — real estate, flat ­ownership and property tax papers.
•    Deposit receipts for gas/electricity/water/telephone, and rent receipt related correspondence.
•    Name of legal advisers and their contact numbers.
•    Passport, driving licence, identity cards and photocopies of all the documents.
•    Medical history.
•    Information on stockholding — either in demat accounts or ­physical certificates.
•    Any other matter of interest to your family.

It is essential that you train your spouse to be able to deal with all the above mentioned ­matters ­independently or with the help of ­relative(s) you trust. After all, ­sympathy wave on account of death of head of family lasts only till one’s last rites.

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