Waterwheels for a tribal community in Maharashtra

Rotary Club of Dombivli Midtown, RID 3142, distributed waterwheels to 52 families in Mokhada district located 150 km from Mumbai. The families reside in two tribal villages — Dongarwadi and Kurlod where there is no proper water supply scheme. “They trudge a long distance to fetch water from wells and ponds located in a forest closeby. Women carry 10–15 litres of water daily in pots poised on their heads and hips, making them weak and tired,” said club president Ajay Kulkarni.

Villagers with the water wheels given to them by RC Dombivli Midtown.
Villagers with the water wheels given to them by RC Dombivli Midtown.

The club, with CSR funds from Innovinc Aspire and Schiller Healthcare, and its own contribution of ₹50,000, procured waterwheels made of food-grade, high density polyethylene. Guided by the village sarpanch, Kulkarni, along with few other members, distributed the waterwheels to the households. Each container can hold 45 litres of water and can be pulled with the help of a handle fitted on its neck. “This device will significantly lessen the burden of transporting water and ease the job for the village women,” said the club president.

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