Warm-hearted donations to elderly, disabled in Newcastle A total of 85 blankets were handed out to service organisations. Rotary plans to give away 240 more in the coming months.

Rotarian Clara du Plessis presents Rudi with a new blanket.
Rotarian Clara du Plessis presents Rudi with a new blanket.

Majuba Rotary in South Africa (Newcastle, D 9370) is on a mission of hope.

Its members recently embarked on the annual Blanket Project, spreading warm-hearted donations to the elderly, the abused, the physically disabled and mentally impaired.

Rotarian Clara du Plessis elaborated on this critical initiative.

“We host an annual golf day and then use the money raised to purchase blankets and wheelchairs. We donated the wheelchairs earlier in the month.”

A total of around 85 blankets were handed out last Friday, benefiting Nil Desperandum, the Newcastle Crisis Centre, Esperanza Special Needs School and Newcastle Organisation for the Aged (Nofta).

Rotary plans to hand over another 240 in months to come.

“There’s a big need in Newcastle. We have seen many who don’t have wheelchairs, including children who have to walk on their hands and knees. It’s heartbreaking and we know the blankets will also help in the cold winter months.” 

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