TRF Chair’s India Moments

During his recent visit to India, TRF trustee chair Barry Rassin visited Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru and Kolkata in India and Kathmandu in Nepal.

In Delhi, RID 3011, at the ‘One in a Million’ event, Rassin felicitated three new AKS members, including RRFC Dr N Subramanian, and Major Donors. He commended the 100 per cent contributing clubs in the district.

TRF Chair Barry Rassin felicitates RRFC N Subramaniam and his spouse Lalitha for committing to be an AKS member this year. Also seen (from L) TRF Vice Chair Bharat Pandya, RIPR Alisdair Seale, DG Jeetender Gupta and his spouse Deepti and Fiona Seale.
TRF Chair Rassin, TRF Vice Chair Pandya and DG Manjoo with trainees and staff at the Belrise Industries, Pune. PDGs Deepak Shikarpur (right, back row) and Shailesh Palekar (behind DG Manjoo) are also seen.
TRF Vice Chair Pandya with RID 3131 DG Manjoo Phadke and her spouse Vishwas. DG Manjoo is seen holding the Sylvia Whitlock Leadership Award that was bestowed on her by RI.

Rassin, along with TRF trustee vice-chair Bharat Pandya and RID 3131 DG Manjoo Phadke, visited the workshop at Belrise Industries in Pune where students are being trained in welding skills. The district has undertaken this skill development project in collaboration with Belrise to equip youngsters with industrial skills and provide jobs to them on successful completion of the training. DG Manjoo was felicitated for bagging the Sylvia Whitlock Leadership Award given by RI.

In Kolkata, the TRF chair addressed a multidistrict event convened by RI director Anirudha Roychowdhury. Five new AKS members and Major Donors from the participating districts were recognised at the event.

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