TRF Chair Message – December 2015


Presidential conferences have become ­popular meetings for Rotarians from around the world, but the conference ­programmes vary from year to year with each president. President Ravi has planned five unique ­conferences during this Rotary year, each inspired by one of the areas of focus ­established by The Rotary Foundation as part of its Future Vision plan:

Peace and conflict prevention and resolution: 15–16 ­January in Ontario, Calif.

Disease prevention and treatment: 19–20 February in Cannes, France

Community and economic development: 27 February in Cape Town, South Africa

Literacy and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) in Schools: 11–13 March in Kolkata, India

WASH in Schools: 18–19 March in Pasay City, Philippines

President Ravi and I will attend all five of the conferences, which are cosponsored by Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation, and we hope that Rotarians will take an active interest in supporting them, particularly the ones closest to their homes. These events offer opportunities to explore the issues alongside Rotary’s leaders and outside experts in the various areas of focus, as we spotlight practical approaches for Rotarians to become involved in new and effective projects.

If you find any of the conferences to be of interest, which I hope you will, please consider attending one of them, or perhaps sending a representative from your club. The presidential conferences are excellent supplements to the Rotary conventions, and they are further proof that Rotary is truly Doing Good in the World all around the globe!





Ray Klinginsmith
Foundation Trustee Chair

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