The new IFRP head

IFRP Chair Jatin Sharad Patel

Jatin Sharad Patel (47), a Rotarian of RC Bombay North West-Malad, D 3141, is the present Chair of the International Fellowship of Rotarian Photographers (IFRP), which has 390 members. The other board members — Vice Chair T Saravanaraj and Treasurer Madhumita Bishnu — are also from India.

Patel’s photograph of a classroom setting in a school for the hearing-impaired in Gujarat, won him a prize in the photo contest conducted by The Rotarian and it was also published in the magazine.

He plans to organise contests, workshops, lectures and exhibitions as a way of bonding for like-minded groups.

He is Technical Director of ­American Spring and Pressing Works, Mumbai. Having developed an interest in photography five years ago, he attended workshops and did a short-term course on ‘Nature and Wildlife Photography’ at Navsari ­Agricultural University, Gujarat.

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