The middle world of Mushrooms

In its earthiness, chewiness, umaminess and wide range of subtle variations in taste, mushrooms sit in the unique middle world between vegetables and meats.

Unlike vegetables, they are a natural source of Vitamin D. Unlike many red meat options, they deliver on the protein and fibre without piling on the cholesterol or fat.

Not surprisingly, in many East Asian traditions, mushrooms are a symbol of longevity and they play an important role in traditional Chinese medicine. Cloud ears, for example, are valued for their blood cleansing properties.

China which has a 2000 year history of cultivating mushrooms, has over 900 varieties of edible mushrooms. While shiitake (which is available in many variations) is a favourite in many parts of East Asia, even once-rare mushrooms like the lion’s mare are today more accessible through wider cultivation.

Courtesy: Flavours of Grand Asia, WelcomZest


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