Stirring the poll pot

To encourage citizens to cast their votes for the Lok Sabha elections, RC Ulhasnagar, RID 3142, along with Pet Oxford School, made waves with an awareness campaign — Ungali dikhao-discount/gift pao. The club tied up with 20 leading organisations which included restaurants, garment stores, sweet shops and retail stores to treat the responsible citizens who had cast their votes with gifts or discounts, some of the stores offering discounts up to 25 per cent.


“We propagated the idea on Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram and distributed pamphlets. All  this created a buzz about our campaign,” said Club President Dinesh Dandalia.

The Rotarians were pleased with the result, “a significant 48 voting percentage, probably the highest voter turnout in the past 25 years.” Dandalia was all praise for the Project Chairmen Vijay Makhija and Gul Advani.


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