Start planning for the TRF centennial


When incoming district governors gathered in San Diego for the International Assembly in January, they began preparing for The Rotary Foundation’s year of centennial celebrations in 2016–17.

The district governors-elect also got a sneak peak of Doing Good in the World, a behind-the-scenes look at the Foundation’s rich history, from founder Arch Klumph’s initial proposal at the 1917 Rotary Convention up to the latest humanitarian grants. Governors received complimentary copies of the book, and author David C Forward, Governor of District 7500 (New Jersey, USA), addressed the gathering and signed copies.

“I have circled the globe to research and write and speak about the story of Rotary in action, and I have never been as proud to be a Rotarian as I am today,” Forward said. “This is something I can give to a town’s Mayor to help him or her understand the value of having a Rotary club in the community, or new members to help them become more engaged, motivated, generous Rotarians.”

Now is the time to start planning your club or district’s centennial celebration. In addition to spreading the word about the book, now for sale at, you have lots of ways to let your members know about the Foundation:

  • Dedicate club meeting time to Foundation topics each week. Share how your local and international projects are improving lives through Rotary’s areas of focus.
  • Continue The Rotary Foundation’s legacy of humanitarian service by participating in a global grant or district grant project and dedicating it to the centennial.
  • Challenge members to increase their contributions to the Foundation. Encourage them to give through Rotary Direct and to join the Paul Harris Society by contributing $1,000 or more annually.
  • Start organising a centennial event in your community and use it to educate your local media about Rotary and its Foundation.
  • Download the centennial promotion tool kit, which includes resources for planning and promoting activities, at

Reproduced from The Rotarian

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