Spotlight on Swachh Mumbai

DG Gopal Mandhania speaking at the seminar on waste management.
DG Gopal Mandhania speaking at the seminar on waste management.

A seminar cum exhibition on Swachh Mumbai at the Rotary Service Centre in Juhu came out with a list of takeaways for stakeholders in solid waste management and sewage treatment in Mumbai.  The event was organised by RC Mumbai Greencity, D 3141, as part of Clean India project in association with RCs Bombay West, Mumbai Northend and Mumbai North Island (lead clubs) who were assisted by 14 other Rotary clubs as co-hosts.

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) Additional Commissioner Dr Sanjay Mukherjee was the chief guest and Excel Industries Managing Director Ashwin Shroff was the keynote speaker on solid waste management. DG Gopal Mandhania was also present at the event. The Indian Environmental Association and Maharashtra Societies ­Welfare ­Association (MSWA) chipped in with their resources.

Follow-up action for clubs

Rotary clubs in Mumbai have planned to  hold a series of awareness campaigns in schools and for public to sensitise people on Swachh Mumbai. A website on Swachh Mumbai will be created to provide latest facilities, make data available and also extend an e-platform to share information among the stakeholders.

Each club will adopt a locality in their area for implementing projects and offer counselling on sewage treatment to housing societies. The housing societies and MCGM too have drafted their courses of action on the twin challenges of waste management and sewage treatment.

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