Small in membership, big in donations With four new members coming on board, this small but mighty club in Canada is up to a roster of 18 members and is known for generous donations to local organisations.

Kay Godden is President of the Rotary Club of Minden. Photo: Chad Ingram
Kay Godden is President of the Rotary Club of Minden.                                                   Photo: Chad Ingram

Anyone looking for something to get involved in or a way to help their community will find both in the Rotary Club of Minden (Ontario, Canada — D 7010).

“We still want more members,” says club President Kay Godden, who is serving her second term in the role.

With four new members recently coming on board, the small but mighty club is up to a roster of 18 members.

Minden Rotary donates to a host of local organisations, programmes and projects.

For the 2017-18 year, the projects include but are not limited to Razzmatazz Kids’ Shows; playground equipment at Rotary Park in Minden and at the Lochlin Community Centre; Hyland Crest activities; HHSS bursaries; the Minden community kitchen and food bank; the YWCA; the Festival of the August Moon; the Festival of Trees; and the volunteer dental outreach programme.

The club also operates education programme for students, such as Adventures in Citizenship and the Capital Experience. “The kids go to Ottawa,” Godden says.

Like all Rotary clubs, the Minden group also contributes to Rotary International projects, such as its campaign to end polio worldwide.

Godden has also been to Cambodia, to deliver bicycles to children, the money fundraised locally.

“It’s extremely poor,” she says. “You really get the feeling that you’re not only changing the kid’s life, but the family can get around now.”

Godden said in most cases, the bicycle becomes a family’s sole mode of transportation, other than walking, and allow children the opportunity to travel far enough to attend school.

“A lot of the parents weren’t able to go to school,” Godden says.

A Rotarian for the past decade, Godden was attracted to the club’s motto.

“Their motto is service above self, which is something I really, personally subscribe to,” she says.

The Rotary Club of Minden was recently recognised as having the highest amount of donations, per capita, in its region, which includes 42 clubs.

“We have some really good members,” Godden says. The club meets regularly at the Minden Legion.

“It’s a real, kind of co-operative effort between the clubs,” Godden says.

Source:  Minden Times

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