RYE student showcases Finland A Rotary Exchange student from Finland gives a presentation on the cultural differences between people in Canada and her own country, but finds there are lot of similarities too.

otary Exchange Student Noora Ojanen gave a presentation at the Melfort Rotary Club meeting.
Rotary Exchange student Noora Ojanen gave a presentation at the Melfort Rotary Club meeting.

With a new school year comes a new Rotary Exchange student at MUCC (Melfort and Unit Comprehensive Collegiate).

This year is Grade 12 MUCC student Noora Ojanen from Finland is the exchange student sponsored by the Rotary International Youth Exchange Programme.

Ojanen did a presentation about her country at a special Rotary Club of Melfort (Saskatchewan, Canada – D 5550) meeting on Tuesday, November 20.

She discussed the country and the differences between Canada and Finland.

“There are actually not a lot of differences, maybe that the education here is not free,” she explained.

Ojanen has observed some differences in the demeanour of Finnish and Canadian people.

“Also another difference is people tend to talk more. I am not saying that Finnish people actually aren’t nice, they are actually nice people. When you start talking with them you can talk for hours. But they just mind their own business,” she explained.

According to Ojanen the Finnish people do open up but it is in a different way.

The courses she is taking at MUCC are very similar to what she has already studied last year in Finland.

“So I am just like relearning everything, I don’t get any credits for this school so I am just chilling there and as I said I have already done all of the stuff,” she explained.

Here to graduate and then return for another year of school in Finland before university.

Doing the same things over again has removed a level of stress for her.

She is concerned about what is going to happen with her final exams next year.

“Actually my mom is sending me some books from Finland to study for my final exams because in Finland final exams that you do in high school, those marks that you get from them, are the thing that will count when you apply for university. So I am trying to get as high of marks as I can get,” she explained.

The last year of school is very important for Finnish students according to Ojanen.

“And the final year is the most difficult year because it is not just that you have to do school and do normal courses, you also have to study real hard for the final exams. All of your courses are preparing you for your final exams.”

Ojanen has been in Melfort for around two months, at present she is staying with Rick Robins and Jennifer Robins.

“I love the family, Jennifer and I click so well together so we are like basically best friends already,” Ojanen said.

“When it comes to my host brother (Tim Robins), we share friends, I have a lot of guy friends, so we are just hanging out together all of the time,” she said.

“As a Finnish I am really different because I am outgoing,” Ojanaen explained.

In January Ojanen is going to live with the Dufault family and then she will complete her time with Jeff and Ena McAuley.

Source: Melfort Journal

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