Rtn Basker C, RI Director Nominee 2017–19, Zone 5A


Rotary News congratulates Basker Chockalingam, for his appointment as RI Director 2017–19. A Rotarian since 1988, he is a member of RC Karur, D 3000. He served as Governor in 2000–2001 and in recognition of his contribution for advancing the cause of Rotary, he was awarded ‘Citation for Meritorious Service’ by The Rotary Foundation.

He holds degrees in Commerce and Law from the University of Madras, where he was bestowed the ‘Rt. Hon’ble Madhavan Nair Award’ for the best overall performance in law. His VNC group of companies manufactures and distributes welding electrodes. Basker has received several awards from various social organisations. He was also given the ‘Best Small Scale Entrepreneur Award’ by the Tamil Nadu Government in 1986.

An avid Bridge player and a lover of wildlife, Basker has keen interest in conservation. He is married to Malathi and they have two sons, Gokul and Goutham.

He is President of the Karur Industrial Estate Entrepreneurs Association, District Cricket Association, the Basketball Club and the Volleyball Association and was the Secretary of the Karur District Chamber of Commerce. He is member of commerce bodies such as the Regional Advisory Committee to the Collector of Central Excise, Tiruchirapalli and the Public Grievance Committee set up by the Commissioner of Central Excise and Customs, Tiruchirapalli.

Basker was the Chairman for the Rotary Institute 2013 held at Singapore and member of the RI’s Membership Development and Retention Committee for 2014–15. He serves as Rotary Coordinator for Zone V for 2013–16. He is second Benefactor of the District, his father being the first, and a Level II Major Donor.

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