Rotary Nigeria rolls out healthcare services At the installation of the new President of RC Festac Central, a series of social projects and medical service were announced for indigent families.

Second from right, newly installed President of Rotary Club of Festac Central District 9110, Michael Rotimi and his wife, flanked by notable Rotarians at the event.
Second from right, newly installed President of Rotary Club of Festac Central, District 9110, Michael Rotimi and his wife, flanked by notable Rotarians at the event.

As part of its commitment to improve society and social development, Rotary Club of Festac Central (Nigeria, D 9110) has recently rolled out a series of healthcare activities and projects for the year.

This intention was disclosed during the installation of Michael Rotimi as the 6th president of Rotary club of Festac Central for Rotary year 2018-19.

Michael Rotimi will be focusing on health, education, water and sanitation facilities in schools.

Speaking on his agenda, Rotimi said that undertaking fibroid surgeries for 10 indigent women at the cost of (Naira) N300,000 each is part of it.

It is meant for people who can’t afford it.

Indigent women who are out there suffering from fibroid with no money to even take hospital card, would be the sole beneficiaries of the surgeries.

“We also have an on-going project to donate hospital equipment to the Child and Maternal Hospital in Festac, worth N2 million.”

“We also intend to empower small-scale business individuals who are hawking on the streets with N50, 000.”

“Comprehensive medical check-ups for prostate, diabetes, high blood pressure, malaria and free glasses, worth N2 million and drilling and installation of four boreholes at N350, 000 each. These are part of the projects we will be embarking on,” he added.

Delivering his speech titled: Character as premium capital, the guest speaker, Eddy Odivwri, a noted columnist in Thisday newspaper said: “Character is so essential in life as it is about one of the greatest determinants of how far a man or woman goes in life. It is one attribute that affects every career, profession, trade; practice etc either in private or public space.”

“I dare say that the failures of several governments including that of Nigeria, are largely due to the absence of character among those who take crucial and strategic decisions that affect others.”

All the talks and crusade on corruption and the fitful fight against it would have all been needless if all those oaths to govern us have appreciable level of requisite character.

“Imagine that even 50 per cent of the nation’s budget is ever used to develop the nation and let the other 50 go under the table, Nigeria would have long left the league of underdeveloped nations.”

“When politicians in anticipation of fraud they intend to commit when they get into office make false declaration of assets, claiming to own properties they do not presently have as at the time of declaration, it is the absence of character.”

The high points of the occasion were the dance presentations of some special children living with Down Syndrome.

Source: Vanguard

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