Rotary LN-4 camp in Darbhanga

Rotary Club of ­Darbhanga, D 3250, ­organised a LN-4 artificial hand fitment camp under the Gift of Mobility project. Held in ­partnership with RC Poona ­Downtown, D 3131, and S V ­Hospital, the one-day camp at Adarsh Madhya  Vidyalaya in Laheriasarai was inaugurated by Bihar Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Madan Sahni in the presence of legislator Sanjay Saraogi and DGN Gopal Khemka. “They were all happy that the artificial limb fitment camp is being held in Darbhanga for the first time in the history of Rotary India,” says Club President Dr Gowri Shankar Jha.

A woman being fitted with LN-4 arm.
A woman being fitted with LN-4 arm.

Over 100 people were fitted with LN-4 ­prosthetic hands (from below the elbow). ­Twenty-five ­doctor Rotarians from the club participated in the camp, while two ­specialists plus a ­7-member ­paramedical staff from the SV ­Hospital in  Laheriasarai took care of the ­technical process of the LN-4 ­fitment. “We are pleased to see that the ­beneficiaries are able to write, drive vehicles and take care of their daily chores after being fitted with LN-4 limbs,” says Jha.

To make the LN-4 project a monthly feature, the club will be signing an MoU with RC Poona Downtown and SV ­Hospital by the end of April.

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