Rotary job fairs for unemployed youth

A mega job fair for unemployed youth was conducted at the Gaja cyclone-hit areas of Tiruvarur and Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, by RID 2981 under the guidance of DG S Piraiyon. A total of 18,750 candidates were interviewed and appointment orders were given to around 7,500 aspirants.

The first job fair was held at the Veludaiyan HS School and College in Tiruvarur town. In this fair, 6,880 youngsters were interviewed by 56 MNCs and appointment letters were given on the spot to 2,330 people.

DG S Piraiyon issuing a placement order to a candidate.
DG S Piraiyon issuing a placement order to a candidate.

The second job fair screened around 11,900 candidates at the Sastra University campus in Kumbakonam. There were 42 MNCs from Chennai and 26 HR personnel from various parts of Tamilnadu at the campus to interview the candidates. Over 5,000 people got their appointment orders.

District General Secretary S Ramesh, Project Chairman S D Poongundran, and AGs P Ganesan, S Balasubramaniyan and Sivagurunathan coordinated for the success of the job fairs.

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