Rotary installs plastic shredder at temple

Rotary Club of Nasik ­Grapecity, D 3030, has installed a plastic bottle ­crushing machine near Goddess Saptashrungi ­temple at Vani, 60 km from Nashik. Located in the ­middle of seven hills, the temple attracts thousands of devotees ­through the year and keeping the surroundings plastic-free is a herculean task, says Jyotika Pai, former ­secretary of the club.


The club bought the ­crushing machine for ₹60,000 from a private firm in Delhi. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis visited the temple site and was happy to see the ­plastic crushing machine installed by the club. “He was happy to note that we are taking steps to preserve the ­environment,” she says.

With a capacity to hold 100 one-litre plastic ­bottles and a weight of 100 kg, the crushing unit can shred 15–20 bottles an hour under a power ­supply of 220 volts. “The temple officials are happy that they are now able to ­maintain the premises ­litter-free and clean,” says Alka Singh, IPP of the club. The shredded plastic will be sent for ­recycling by the temple authorities. Moreover, the equipment has become an attraction with villagers who are making full use of the facility.

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