Rotary installs CT scan at Ghaziabad hospital

A CT scan machine was installed at the Vardan Multispeciality Hospital under a global grant project jointly undertaken by RCs Ghaziabad North and Ghaziabad Central, RID 3012. DG Dr Subhash Jain inaugurated the new facility at the hospital.

 DGN Alok Gupta, PDGs J K Gaur and Sharat Jain  at the new CT scan facility.

DGN Alok Gupta, PDGs J K Gaur and Sharat Jain at the new CT scan facility.

The healthcare project will service the needs of three million people in and around Ghaziabad as only 2–3 diagnostic centres are present in this city in Uttar Pradesh. This is a humanitarian project done by roping in an international partner RC Kathmandu, RID 3292, to provide the much-needed CT scan to Vardan Hospital as around 1,200 patients were turned away by the hospital each year for want of this diagnostic facility, said DG Jain.

“It will help the people of Ghaziabad and nearby areas access medical services at an affordable cost. Also, the facility will enable doctors to diagnose more patients with potential diseases,” he said. With the CT scan, over 1,200–1,500 patients will benefit
each year at the hospital. The machine cost $136,986 (around ₹1 crore).

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