Rotary honours three social trailblazers

At the maiden launch of Spirit of India Awards, RC Madras Metro, RID 3232, ­honoured three persons who ­overcame their disabilities to realise their mission of helping those who are physically disabled or otherwise ­challenged, to lead a normal life without stigma.

Paralysed from neck down at 18, Preethi ­Srinivasan, co-founder, Soulfree in ­Tiruvannamalai ­district of Tamil Nadu, is ­offering holistic ­treatment to those suffering from life-­altering spinal cord injuries. Apart from providing medical care, the NGO takes care of rehabilitation and social integration of the disabled.

Award recipients along with Mukti Foundation managing trustee Meena Dadha (seated, ­centre), PDG P T Ramkumar (standing, centre) and members of RC Madras Metro.

Another awardee Mohammed Askar, founder of the radio channel Isai Murasu in Nagercoil, has ­interviewed over 3,000 people from various walks of life, including farming, ­celebrities and  politicians. The main aim of the radio interviews is to motivate youngsters to overcome challenges and achieve success in life.

The Uravugal Trust of Khaalid Ahamed has organised funeral rites for over one lakh unclaimed bodies in and around Chennai. His NGO has given a dignified burial to the deceased from marginalised sections of the community, who have none to take care of them.

Rotary’s ­Vocational Excellence Award was given to M R Ramasubramaniyan for his ­contribution in agricultural science; and For the Sake of Honour Award was presented to Dr Sunil Shroff, senior consultant in urology and renal transplant, for promoting organ donation through the Mohan Foundation.

Meena Dadha, ­managing trustee, Mukti, which distributes free artificial limbs, and co-founder of SNEHA, a helpline for those with depression and suicidal tendencies, was the chief guest at the awards event.

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