Rotary gifts handcarts to prisoners

In a thoughtful gesture, eight handcarts were presented by RC Jabalpur, D 3261, to prisoners following a direction from the Supreme Court to assist the convicts to help them restart their livelihood after their release from the Central Jail in the city. The handcarts were donated under the Prisoners ­Rehabilitation Scheme.

DG Nikhilesh Trivedi dedicating the handcarts to the prisoners.
DG Nikhilesh Trivedi dedicating the handcarts to the prisoners.

“These will not only boost the morale of the prisoners but will be an asset to make them economically stable,” said Rachna Trivedi, Club President. DG Nikhilesh Trivedi, past president Baldeep Singh Maini and Jail Superintendent Gopal Tamrakar were present at the handing-over event. Addressing a gathering of prisoners, Tamrakar ­appreciated the gesture from Rotary and requested the club to organise medical camps and other projects for the welfare of jail inmates.

Marble rock run

Special children from Justice Tankha ­Memorial Rotary Institute were among the participants at the Marble Rock Run, a marathon organised by the district administration and Jabalpur Corporation, to create awareness on the need to keep their city clean and healthy.

Over 150 Rotary volunteers took part in the run including Kaila Avent from the US and Joao Pedro from Brazil who are visiting India under the Rotary Youth Exchange programme.

Rotarians participating in the Marble Rock Run.
Rotarians participating in the Marble Rock Run.

District Collector Chhavi Bharadwaj and ­Municipal ­Commissioner ­Chandramauli Shukla ­participated. Rachna Trivedi assured the government officials the wholehearted cooperation from Rotary for campaigns to promote a clean city and make Jabalpur a Smart City as well.

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