Rotary for Rotaractors

The applause inside the auditorium fade out the noise of the heavy rain outside, said DG ­Shyamashree Sen describing the impact of RI Director Manoj Desai’s presentation at an interactive ­session, ‘What Next – The future vision of Rotary’, organised at Bhasha ­Bhawan, National Library during the first week of September.  D 3291 hosted this programme to enhance Rotary’s presence amongst the ­Rotaractors in the district.


The highlight of the late afternoon programme was the inaugural dance by Unicorns Dance Company and a skit on language divide enacted by the Rotaractors. The DG felicitated the new members added in the Rotary clubs this year. Paul Harris Fellows and Major Donors to The Rotary Foundation were also recognised at the event.


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