Rotary Disaster Response Grants

To help respond to the global COVID-19 crisis, The Rotary Foundation is offering several options that Rotarians can use to help care for and protect people in their own communities and others around the world.

The Rotary Foundation supports disaster relief and recovery efforts through grants from the Rotary Disaster Response Fund.

What does the Rotary disaster response grants support

Districts that have been affected by natural disasters can use Rotary disaster response grants to launch their own projects or work with established relief organisations to help their communities recover. Grant funds can be used to provide basic items such as water, food, medicine, and clothing. Grant funds can also be used to support COVID-19 activities. Districts should work closely with local officials and groups to ensure that the funding will meet a specific community need.

Who can apply for a disaster response grant

Once qualified for Rotary grants, districts in an affected area or country may apply for a maximum grant of $25,000, based on the availability of funds. A district may apply for subsequent grants after it successfully reports outcomes from previous grants. Districts may receive no more than one disaster response grant to support COVID-19 activities.

How to apply

The district governor and district Rotary Foundation chair must complete the Rotary Disaster Response Grant Application and send it to

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