RISAO celebrates TRF Centennial

RISAO team with its Regional Head Rajeev Ranjan (centre) at a project site.
RISAO team with its Regional Head Rajeev Ranjan (centre) at a project site.

To celebrate The Rotary Foundation’s centennial year, RISAO staff members came together and resolved to participate in different service projects, in addition to strengthening their support to Rotarians.

A blood donation camp was organised in association with the Rotary Blood Bank in Delhi. Thirteen staff members donated blood and more than 30 units of blood were collected at the camp. The staff also provided support to blood bank camps organised by RC Delhi East, RC Delhi Femina,
RC ­Gurgaon, RC Delhi Central and RC Delhi South East during September, October and November 2016.

Jatinder Singh, Head - Club and District Support, after completing the Delhi Half Marathon.
Jatinder Singh, Head – Club and District Support, after completing the Delhi Half Marathon.


WASH project

A group of 18 staff members adopted the Municipal Corporation Pratibha School, Chaukhandi, in West Delhi to provide a handwash area with taps, supply of liquid soap for the students to wash hands and committed to sensitising the students on good hygiene habits. Each of the 18 members contributed Rs 3,000 for this project which aims to bring behaviour change amongst the students on hygiene practices, which will prevent disease, improve both attendance and academic performance. The handwashing station was inaugurated by Rajeev Ranjan, Head-South Asia Office in the presence of Sushma Sharma, School Principal. These staff members are committed to visit the school periodically to monitor the project and later evaluate the parents’ response. They will also continue volunteering their services during blood bank camps in TRF Centennial year.

Jatinder Singh, Head – Club and District Support team, sporting Rotary and TRF logos on his running gear, completed the Delhi Half Marathon (21.1 km) in a bid to enhance Rotary’s public image.

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