RID 3232 sets up a group of Rotary journalists

DG Muthupalaniappan and wife Kamala at the virtual meet.
DG Muthupalaniappan and wife Kamala at the virtual meet.

RI District 3232 has created a team of Rotary journalists comprising enthusiastic Rotarians and Annettes from various clubs in order to disseminate information about the work done by the district to the larger community. A ‘Rotary Writers’ Congress’ was organised for them recently through a virtual platform.

The role of these amateur journalists is to collect, collate and add value to Rotary as a brand through the Governor’s Monthly Letter Powerplay, Rotary’s webpage, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The overall objective is to enhance Rotary’s public image.

District 3232 Public Image chairman Nachiappan said this idea was given by DG S Muthupalaniappan, and the objective of this programme “is to encourage Rotarians, Anns and Annettes to learn the art of writing well, give them the opportunity to contribute to the GML and train them. More such workshops will be organised for them.”

Rangaraj Pandey, founder and CEO of YouTube channel Chanakya.
Rangaraj Pandey, founder and CEO of YouTube channel Chanakya.

Addressing the workshop, Rangaraj Pandey, Founder and CEO of popular YouTube channel Chanakya, who has a massive fan following, said journalists should present the right information and be impartial, and work to bring about a positive change in society. He cited some real-life examples that kept the audience spellbound, saying that the larger community boycotts and rejects malicious and false propaganda driven by a part of the media. He said journalists should be genuine and tell the truth effectively and in a way that is understood even by a layman.

Editor of Rotary News Rasheeda Bhagat stressed the need for these Rotary journalists to talk about the projects that Rotary clubs in the district execute by covering the beneficiaries and displaying the change that the Rotarians were bringing into their lives.

DG Muthupalaniappan said he had come out with this concept as he believed that the “work that Rotarians do should be covered from the ground-level by the Rotary journalists going into the field.”

Such training programmes will be held every month, said Sukanya Sriram, Editor of ­Powerplay.

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