RI Director’s Message – TRF Month


We all know November is The Rotary Foundation month. Our Rotary Foundation Does Good In the World! Any doubts? Well, the best proof is personal experience. Here is my real life story: Just after a successful DTA at Surat in 1997, we decided to take a three-day break in my uncle’s farm in a remote village — away from the city — to enjoy a mango orchard! Next day, during a visit of the farm, Sharmishtha, my wife, fell down and was writhing in agony as she had fractured her right shoulder. Though I am an orthopaedic surgeon, I felt helpless, as I was away from a city with medical/surgical facilities. I asked my uncle where we could get an X-ray done. He told me that the nearby Kharel hospital has got a new machine since a year or so. The journey through the village road was hurting her so much, but I was helpless. May God never put anyone through such a painful ordeal. Finally we reached the hospital where an analgesic injection was given. She never cried till then, but when she came out of the X-ray room, I saw tears running down her cheek. Both my sons and I tried to soothe her. She said go and read what is written on the X-ray machine. It read thus: Thanks to TRF: MG No. _____ by RC Billimora and a US club.

Can you imagine, my friends, what a lesson it was for a DGE before his year started? In a remote village, an X-ray machine to help a radiologist (Sharmishtha) and an orthopeadic surgeon in a crisis? I can never forget this experience that helped me to work passionately and create record collections for TRF, which remained the highest for a long time.

As an RRFC and a 3-H cadre member, I have seen mega projects in Russia, China, Sri Lanka and nearly all districts in India. This passion reflected in my talks — Aadat se Ibaadat Ki Aur, Muskaan, Chahat, etc which became the highlight of my term.

How many lives have been changed by our Rotary Foundation? Countless, my dear friends. Recently, at Mombasa, I heard Rotarians talking about superb results of the Medical Missions — made possible by TRF.

Friends, remember it is TRF’s mission to do good in the world.

Next year happens to be the 100th year of TRF. For Indians it is a matter of pride that our dear PRIP Kalyanda will be the Chairman of Trustees of TRF. It is an honour indeed but it also increases our responsibility to create innovative trend-setting models such as WinS and Literacy.

I am so happy that DGEs 16–17 (Smiling Sheriffs) have decided to create a new milestone during their term.

Let us make India proud by taking it to the Number 2 slot in giving!





Manoj Desai
Director, Rotary International

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