RI Director’s Message – Greener Rotary


For any organisation, growth is the most important goal to achieve. As it moves ahead in years, it sets new benchmarks of achievements. The bar is raised higher and the objectives widen the expanse of activities. Newer horizons and vistas open up bigger possibilities for the future. Opportunities arrive in tandem with movement, giving the impetus and momentum to stride ahead. The institution grows in status and stature and gains the knowledge, skills, expertise, experience and wisdom to manage its resources in a better way. Thus both, the organisation and its resources, need to grow with time.In Rotary International, the organisation is represented at the club level all over the world. And clubs need to grow, in numbers and in quality, in profile and in character, in efficacy and in management.

The resources that support Rotary International also need to grow. And the purposes and goals for which funds are raised would also expand over time. This is handled by TRF. The domain of service will also grow, along with the activation, to generate more resources for this purpose. The avenue of humanitarian service and the collections to fulfil them need to grow with time.

Green is the colour of growth, life, environment-friendliness, development and action. We need to work towards a GREENER ROTARY.

Blue is the colour that shows that the entity is seamless, boundless and limitless. It’s the colour of the sky as well as water. TRF is the blue side of Rotary.

Yellow is the colour of action, brightness, wisdom, intelligence, energy and heat. It’s the colour of the sun as well as fire. CLUBS are the yellow side of Rotary.

When the two colours unite, they produce green. They showcase growth. Water, when heated, becomes steam that gives energy. In the same way, TRF and Clubs are two sides of the same coin. Or perhaps, the equal and mutually inclusive support system that holds the balance of Rotary together. They are interdependent. If we want Rotary to grow in every aspect, we have to address both the facets equally.

Thus, a greener Rotary is possible if

• Clubs grow in size and stature, with quality members involved in service

• Funds at TRF grow, along with enhancement of avenues of humanitarian service

A greener Rotary will become more visible and attractive to the world and its public awareness and image will rise positively.

To elaborate this further, greener clubs would have growth in

• Quality membership

• Opportunities in humanitarian service

• Member engagement

• Connectivity and involvement with Gen Next

• More female members

• Public Awareness amongst volunteers and donors

• Rotary as a Brand

• Diversity in membership

Let August 2015 be remembered as the month that focused on “Greening of Rotary.”





Manoj Desai
Director, Rotary International

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