RI Board meetings to go virtual till Dec 2020; free virtual RI Convention

The 2019–20 RI Board of Directors met via video conference in mid-March and April, and reviewed 10 committee reports and recorded 36 decisions.

The Board agreed to prioritise the health and safety of Rotarians during the COVID-19 outbreak and encouraged districts to follow local government recommendations for gatherings.

Districts can convene online their training events, including PETS and district training assembly, before June 30, 2020, at no cost to RI, should there be government restrictions or if district leaders feel such action is appropriate. These meetings should be held as three one-hour programmes to cover Rotary’s strategic plan, role and responsibility of the participant, and goals for the year.

Districts can delay their district conferences until June 30, 2020 at no cost to RI, or cancel them, in adherence to government or district leader’s recommendations.

No in-person meeting shall be mandatory for any Rotarian who may feel uncomfortable attending because of the pandemic.

Following the cancellation of the RI Convention at Honolulu, the Board approved refunding of registration fees and fees for RI ticketed events to registrants. A free virtual convention will be organised from June 20–26.

No in-person meeting shall be mandatory for any Rotarian who may feel uncomfortable attending because of the pandemic.

All RI Board and Committee meetings shall be conducted virtually for the remainder of calendar year 2020. The 2021 International Assembly will be a virtual event if more than 40 per cent of DGEs are unable to attend in-person.

Zone Institutes, regional leaders training seminars, governors’ official club visits and all such events are encouraged to be held virtually for the year 2020. Rotary Institute Conveners are authorised to decide whether to conduct such meetings in-person or virtually. But no Rotary staff shall attend an institute, or training programme in person unless specifically authorised by the general secretary.

Directors shall not be funded to attend an institute that is outside their zone or region unless specifically authorised by the RI President. RI will not fund the expenses of any RI President’s representative to a district conference for the 2020–21 Rotary year. If a district requests an RIPR, the RI President may appoint one at no cost to RI.

The RI Board amended its policy to recognise exceptional Rotaractors with the Service Above Self Award, and the Avenues of Service Award, and for Rotaract clubs to be eligible to receive the Significant Service Award.

The Board agreed to sunset the Rotary Global Rewards programme by July 1, 2021.

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