RC Jamshedpur West provides ‘food carts’ to transgenders The carts will help them to earn a livelihood.

Rotarians of Jamshedpur West along with the beneficiaries
Rotarians of Jamshedpur West along with the beneficiaries.

In an effort to empower the transgender community, RC Jamshedpur West along with Rotary Foundation District Grant, provided three modern modular type ‘food carts’.

DG Dr R Bharat handed over the carts in presence of District Secretary Sanjeev Kumar, AG Amresh Sinha, PDGs, guests and other Rotarians.

‘We have references of transgenders in Mahabharata but even in today’s Digital India, we do not want to give them employment, make them part of our social life and rather prefer not to talk about them’, said Dr Bharat. He further said that the members of the community have no choice but to beg or take up non-dignified profession to make their living.

The beneficiaries Amarjeet, Rajiya Kinnar, Anandi, Sukhi Kinnar, Doli Kinnar and Mithu Kinnar expressed the need of the carts during friendship day celebration with club members.  With the cart, the beneficiaries now will sell hot dry snacks, dry packet food items and snacks which will help them to start a decent living. It will also encourage others to start entrepreneurship on their own.

President of Rotary Club of Jamshedpur West, Alakananda Bakshi thanked Rotary Foundation and FPAI for helping them in this project.


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