RC Calcutta executes a Rs.1 crore project


The oldest club in India which completed its centenary three years ago, RC Calcutta, RI District 3291, is keeping up its reputation of doing mega projects.

Recently the Prinsep Ghat Memorial Ground on the banks of the river Ganges in Kolkata reverberated with the latest service projects done by this club.


With the support of the Eastern Command, Indian Army, who gave the space for the project, 650 wheelchairs were distributed to disabled persons. In the presence of district governor Ajoy Kumar Law, seven PDGs, partner NGOs, Rotarians from various clubs and Rotaractors, the beneficiaries from disadvantaged families received this life-changing gift. “The wheelchair project was supported by generous donations from our club members and the Rotary India Humanity Foundation. A special thanks to PRIP Shekhar Mehta for supporting this programme,” said Arindam Roychowdhury, chairman, community services and member of RC Calcutta. About 1,700 food packets were distributed to all the beneficiaries, their guardians and volunteers. Kolkata police helped with the smooth conduct of the programme, total cost of which was ₹1 crore.

He added that empowerment of women was another initiative taken up by their club through skilling. “Last year our club started five sewing schools, where 300 women were taught sewing. After the training, these women needed an earning process. Our club identified 100 such women and gifted them Singer sewing machines, using which they can get a decent income by working from their homes. The sewing machines were donated by our club member.”

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