Rotary hosts successful Country Fair After a few years of wet and rainy weather when the fair was held in the month of October, the Rotary committee moved the event to September last year which paid them dividends.


The Randolph Rotary Club’s 2018 Country Fair enjoyed its second straight year of perfect weather, providing township residents (New Jersey, D 7470) with a day of fun-filled outdoor activity to help ring in the fall season.

After enduring a few years of wet and rainy weather when the fair was held in the month of October, the committee moved the event to September last year.

Now, after two years of clear weather and sunny skies, the decision appears to have paid off nicely.

“The weather was with us this year,” said Rotary club Vice-President and Chairman of the Fair Greg Mohr.

“It was definitely a great fall day with cooler temperatures and a slight breeze. Things ran very smoothly, and the vendors and crafters all indicated they had a lot of foot traffic and good sales.”

This years’ fair had 46 vendors, 12 township agencies or departments represented, and nine “yard sale” participants.

Estimates from the organisers had counts of over 2,000 people who came through the fair during the course of the day.

Many local businesses supported the event by setting up booths to participate in what has become a much-anticipated annual community outing.

Some used the opportunity to catch up with their existing customers and local friends, while others benefited from getting their business name out in the public eye, meeting and connecting with residents they did not know before.

The vendors included some of the staple businesses often seen supporting the community at events throughout the year, such as Pediatric Dental Associates, Randolph YMCA, Baumwoll Orthodontics, Primrose School, and the new management of the Randolph Midas, as well as many other familiar names.

On top of all the Rotary Club volunteers helping out, the event requires a lot of coordination, planning, and assistance from the township as well.

“As always a very big “Thank You” to Russ Newman and the Parks and Recreation Department for getting the fields into such great shape for the event, and their presence all day long,” said Mohr.

“I would also like to thank the multiple departments within the town who also helped in bringing their presence to booths, or with emergency equipment to the fair for everyone to see and enjoy.”

Mohr also called out thanks to The Music Den for donating the sound system used throughout the day by the entertainment, while also mentioning that Alfa Bagels, Brooklyn Bagels and Weis Supermarkets had helped to support the fair.

Also on hand were members of the Randolph VFW Post 7333, promoting patriotism.

“Lastly we would like to thank all of the vendors and crafters, Yard Sale participants and Food vendors for making this fair a success,” said Mohr.  “Your support of the Rotary club and our town is immeasurable.”

Source: TapintoRandolph

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