Raising awareness on organ donation

A mega organ donation awareness rally was ­conducted by the Rotary clubs of Sri ­Ganganagar, Rajasthan, under the leadership of Dr Sandeep Chauhan, President, RC Sri Ganganagar recently. School students and other citizens participated in the event, attended by DG Bagh Singh Pannu and the presidents and secretaries of several Rotary clubs.

DG Bagh Singh Pannu creates awareness among school students on organ donation.

About 1,500 enthusiastic school and college students and teachers participated from prominent educational institutions, some raising awareness on organ ­donation by dressing up as different organs with attractive slogans.

The colourful rally that traversed a distance of about 4 km, became an iconic event in the city. Dr Sandeep Chauhan explained the concepts and procedures for organ donation and said one brain- dead patient can save nine lives and help 50 living persons. His passionate plea for pledging organs motivated many youngsters, middle-aged and senior citizens to voluntarily pledge their organs.

DG Pannu declared that he and his family will take the organ donation pledge that day. Praising RC Sri ­Ganganagar for the great event and complimenting Dr Chauhan, he said this rally was one of the best ever held in the city.


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