President Speaks – January 2015 issue

600 - Gary-C-K-HuangDear Fellow Rotarians,

At the beginning of this Rotary year, I asked Rotarians everywhere to Light Up Rotary by holding a Rotary Day. How you do this is something I’m leaving up to you: It can be a full day or just a few hours. It can be organised by your club, by your district, or even across your entire country. It can be a service project, a festival, or any kind of event you want. As long as it’s open to the community, embraces the whole family of Rotary, and is fun, it’s a Rotary Day.

The goal of a Rotary Day is to shine a light on Rotary. For many years, we in Rotary felt that it wasn’t appropriate to boast about our good work. We felt it was best to serve quietly and let our work speak for itself. But today, in many communities, people aren’t even aware that they have a local Rotary club. Not because the clubs aren’t strong, or because they aren’t serving well. They are. But if Rotarians don’t talk about their work, people will never know about it.

It is time for us to Light Up Rotary and let people know what we are doing. In the first half of this Rotary year, I’ve been thrilled to see how many Rotarians have taken up my Rotary Day challenge. I’ve attended Rotary Days in so many places, including the Philippines, Korea, China, the United States, Turkey, India, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Every one has been different, and every one has met the challenge to Light Up Rotary in its own way.

If you’ve organised a Rotary Day in your community, tell us about it: Email details and photos of your event to, with “Rotary Day ” as your subject line. We’ll do our best to feature as many Rotary Days as possible in the coming months.

And if you haven’t planned a Rotary Day yet, why not? It’s a great way to share your love for Rotary with your community. When we tell others about Rotary and let them know how membership can enrich their lives, we share a gift that was given to us when we were invited to join our clubs. By passing that gift on, we help ensure that Rotary, and its service, will endure for generations to come.


Gary C.K. Huang
President, Rotary International


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