President Speaks – April 2015

Gary C K Huang
Gary C K Huang
President, Rotary International

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Today, there are so many more ways to communicate than ever before. In the age of video conferences and instant messages, we can work together from almost anywhere, and always be in touch; we can share our Rotary work on Facebook, on Twitter, and on But there will always be a tremendously important role for the magazine that you are now holding in your hands — or reading on an electronic device.

The Rotarian is one of the oldest continuously published magazines in the world, with an unbroken publication history dating back to its first issue, featuring Paul Harris as a contributor, in 1911. Back then, the magazine was printed in black and white, and was only a few pages. The type was small, the pictures were few, and the advertisements were for piano dealers, haberdashers and a hotel fully equipped with hot and cold running water!

Now, you can read The Rotarian on your phone or tablet, and regional magazines are published in 24 languages. Seventeen Nobel Prize winners and 19 Pulitzer Prize winners have written for the magazine, including Mahatma Gandhi, Desmond Tutu, George Bernard Shaw and Nicholas Murray Butler. Every month, The Rotarian brings us a snapshot of the best of the Rotary world: It engages, entertains, enlightens and inspires.

In an age of constant communication, with so many ways to find new information, do we still need a Rotary magazine? Absolutely. Because the magazine is now, as it has always been, one of the best ways to spread the word about Rotary. It has allowed me to share the fun and excitement of Rotary Days, it showcases the good work of Rotarians around the world, and it puts a spotlight on important issues affecting us all. The Rotarian isn’t just enjoyable for Rotarians — it’s a great way to boost Rotary’s public image, and show the world the work that Rotarians do.

So when you’re done reading this issue, pass it along. Ask yourself who might be particularly interested in this month’s articles. Give the issue to a friend, a co-worker or a colleague. Share it with someone you’ve invited to a Rotary club meeting. Visit to share stories on social media, or send links through email. Use it to Light Up Rotary — just as Rotarians have been doing for more than 100 years.


Gary C K Huang
President, Rotary International

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