A torchbearer is one who carries a torch, someone at the forefront of the path, a person who inspires others in working towards a common, valued goal. In 2019–20 we Rotarians will be ­Torchbearers. Today, the world needs Rotary more than ever. The needs are greater, more diverse and so are the challenges. As Rotarians, we can Lead The Way to meet them. We can connect with the world by our Grow Rotary initiative; by growing our Rotary Fellowship, our Membership, our Leadership and our Service. And we must focus on our Family. We have to ensure that Rotary grows with and not at the expense of our family.

Our clubs are where the good work of Rotary happens. The true strength of Rotary is the Rotarians working sincerely in their clubs and communities.
I salute the Rotarians of our Zones for the good work that they do. I am certain that each of you will do your bit and do it as best as you can in 2019–20.

The power to Act is within you. Use it. Remember two things when you act;

* Act with Love: I remember the shout of joy from an old woman whose sight was restored by cataract surgery sponsored by Rotary, when she saw her little granddaughter for the first time. That is love in action. Make your love shine through your Rotary service.

* Act with Integrity: Our ancient texts say: “the only thing that walks back from the tomb and refuses to be buried is the character of a man; what a man is, his character outlives him, it can never be buried.”

I compliment outgoing RI Director C Basker for his leadership and service to Rotary in our Zones in 2017–19. And I look forward to working closely with RID Kamal Sanghvi during 2019–21.

Madhavi joins me in wishing all the Rotary families in our zones the very best and Godspeed in this new journey.

Be the Torchbearers as Rotary Connects the world.

Enjoy Rotary. Enjoy yourself.


Dr Bharat Pandya
RI Director, Zones 4 and 7

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