It is truly a momentous occasion for any organisation to complete 100 years. From a tiny beginning with one club and a few Rotarians today Rotary in India has 3,860 clubs and 151,160 Rotarians. Rotary in India initiates and carries out hundreds of humanitarian programmes to provide safe water, proper sanitation, alleviate poverty, promote literacy, improve health and protect the environment. Rotary in India has played a stellar role in making India polio-free.

With the guidance of Rotary senior leaders of our zones, Rotary India has done well in harnessing the strength and dedication of Rotarians and Rotary families. I compliment Rotarians, past and present, in helping build Rotary and for their work for Rotary.  A century of service is a good time to reflect upon the achievements of the past and step firmly into the future — a future which is exciting and bright. It’s a great time to be a Rotarian in India.

The Rotary India Centennial Summit brought together over 4,200 Rotarians and families to reflect on the work done in Rotary’s Areas of Focus. Several speakers encouraged, motivated and guided Rotarians to work with consistency and credibility. A well-organised, successful event.

March is Water and Sanitation month. “When the well runs dry we learn the worth of water.”  This truism brings sharply into focus the critical importance of water conservation.  Water and Sanitation go hand in hand and together they are the key to progress. Under the aegis of Rotary India Water Mission and Rotary India Sanitation Mission, Rotary is taking a lead, collaborating with the government and working to fulfill these two basic needs.

And in March we celebrate the World Rotaract Week. Rotary’s aim is to build a strong, vibrant youth with a sound value system for our nation’s future. I believe that Rotaract is about building leadership skills, learning, unlearning and relearning about the responsibilities that each young person has — to himself and to others — and to imbibe values that could last a lifetime. Working through Rotaract youngsters have the opportunity to embrace change, be the torchbearers of change and ensure a brighter future for our world. I see joint activities between Rotaract and Rotary as a good way forward for both. I can visualise that this is the shape of our future.

As Rotary enters a new era of service in our part of the world, let us rededicate ourselves to the core values and ensure that Rotary Connects the World. Enjoy Rotary Enjoy Yourself.

Dr Bharat Pandya,
RI Director, 2019-21

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