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800-scan0004It’s ok to
fail, my son

Rtn Vasant Kallola
RC Thane Downtown, D 3140
Times Group Books
Price: Rs 299

Sachin is torn apart by his parents’ separation and is an academic wreck. Rahul who is at the pinnacle of his career, chooses to be part of his son’s (Sachin) teaching faculty. That parents’ expectation ruin the creativity and originality of a child is highlighted from the very beginning of the book. To prevent Sachin from slipping, Rahul takes up the cause of prevention of child labour and promotes literacy. The author engages the reader with thoughts of anguish over the current educational system and says change is  the need of the hour. In the end, it teaches parents to say: It’s ok to fail, my son.


The r800-scan0003ear-view mirror
Rtn Vineet Bhatt
RC Hyderabad
Gachibowli, D 3150
Price: Rs 399

Living in a comfortable house in New York and having a job that placed him right at the top in his consulting firm, Philip Young had the life many would desire but an attitude that can take him nowhere. All hell breaks loose when Philip is moved to India to extend the firm’s business. Here he meets Feroze, a young taxi driver, who, in his own desi style, teaches the foreigner that being idealistic is tough but not impossible. The author’s vivid portrayal of a peaceful and content Indian village, highlights our growing restlessness to achieve things that are only temporary. The rear-view mirror is Philip’s journey to find himself with the help of his wife Rose, Feroze, and a book gifted to him by one Mr Chatterjee.

– K Z

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