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Titan, Inside India’s most successful consumer brand

Author                  : Vinay Kamath
Publisher             : Hachette India
Pages                    : 187; ₹599

From boardrooms to back rooms Titan, Inside India’s most successful consumer brand reveals how a quintessential Indian brand from the house of the Tatas, not known till then for its success in the consumer goods market, reached such remarkable heights. It is a tale of innovation and fortitude, of thinking outside the box and staying the course, of obsession with detail and the courage to acknowledge failure. A story that will inspire every reader, here is the inside account of what continues to make Titan tick.

As the Foreword by Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran points out, Titan is a company “created by its people, their passion, dedication and belief.” Kamath gives us a glimpse into the important role played by Titan’s charismatic founding managing director Xerxes Desai in building the company, making it a market leader, and traces its journey which began with watches 30 years ago and then diversified into the
Tanishq brand of jewellery in 1995, and later into other lifestyle products such as eyewear, fragrance and now sarees, taking its total portfolio to some 15 brands.



Fortune’s Soldier

Author                  : Alex Rutherford
Publisher             : Hachette India
Pages                    : 429; ₹599

It is 1744, and Nicholas Ballantyne, a young Scotsman dreaming of a life as laird of his ancestral estate finds himself quite unexpectedly on the Winchester, a ship bound for Hindustan, seeking to begin a new life as a ‘writer’ on the rolls of the British East India Company. On board, he meets the spirited and mercurial Robert Clive, determined — at whatever cost —
to make a fortune in a land of opportunity.

Brilliantly crafted, and bringing to life the momentous events that shook India in the mid-eighteenth century, Fortune’s Soldier is an epic tale of a fascinating era.



Guru, Ten Doors to Ancient Wisdom

Author                  : H S Shivaprakash
Publisher             : Hachette India
Pages                    : 186; ₹399

Whether you want to begin your spiritual practice or simply understand the core concepts of Indian spirituality, this book by renowned playwright and spiritual guide, H S Shivaprakash is sure to light your path. Using the metaphor of doors, the reader is invited to enter different ‘chambers’, each one presenting the opportunity to explore and experience the spiritual truths contained therein. The reader also learns how these spiritual concepts are, finally, only tools to take the practitioner to the ultimate goal: union with the divine.


Compiled by Kiran Zehra

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