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Forest of Tides: The untold story of the Sunderbans

Author                  : Manisha Sobhrajani
Publisher             : Hachette India
Pages                    : 166;399

In Forest of Tides, Manisha Sobhrajani recounts her experience of living and working in the Sunderbans supervising the construction of a charitable hospital. Adjusting to a life without basic amenities, getting to know the local people, from honey-gatherers, wood collectors, forest officials to even a former poacher, this deeply personal account paints a richly nuanced picture of a challenging yet extraordinary land.

The most enigmatic of India’s landscapes, the Sunderbans is a land where dense mangrove forests, a sprawling delta and rare wildlife come together to form a biodiverse region.



Create Space

Author                  : Derek Draper
Publisher             : Hachette India
Pages                    : 306; 399

This book shows how to push back against the tide and create space in your life to think, relate and act at deeper levels. Learn to focus, manage time and take control of your mental and physical space to excel in anything. The author shows how to do just that, drawing on real-life examples and the best of both classical and cutting-edge psychological thinking. You’ll find here tips used by some of the biggest organisations to set strategy, raise productivity and create change.



Notes for Healthy Kids and for parents too

Author                  : Rujuta Diwekar
Publisher             : Hachette India
Pages                    : 246; 350

A book for both parents and kids, Notes for Healthy Kids focuses on clearing the underlying food confusion that leads to endless diet trends. It empowers kids to make the right food choices for themselves. Targeted and misleading advertisements, and policymakers failing to protect children’s interest are featured here. It combines the latest in nutrition science with time-tested wisdom of our grandmothers, and offers easy-to-follow advice for all aspects of a child’s life.



Bus ek baar

Poet                      : Dr Ravindra Narayan Pehalwan
Langage               : Hindi
Genre                   : Anthology
Publisher             : Neeraj Book Centre
Pages                    : 200; 200

This is a composition of 200 short, beautiful and real-life inspired Hindi poems. The author writes about relationships and responsibilities, love, peace, life and death, celebration, agony, and many other human aspects. Bus ek baar covers a range of topics that can connect both children and adults. Ravindra Narayan Pehalwan draws parallels between real life incidents and his own experiences. The simple compositions will touch your heart.


Compiled by Kiran Zehra

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